Warehouse on watts is a venue that truly represents the spirit of Philly. Gritty, noncommercial, and full of energy and liveliness. It is run by real fans of music who are providing a space to hold some truly amazing concerts. One of those such concerts was March 29th when they hosted an iconic band of the 90s and 2000s, Cold. They were joined by Sygnal to Noise, Awake for days, and Divide the Fall. It was an impassioned night full of energy and great music.

The first band to take the stage was Sygnal to Noise, a melodic rock group coming from Biddeford Pool, Maine. It alternated between soft, warming Melodys, loud, fast breakdowns, and soaring guitar solos. The band's chemistry together was clear as they played a tight yet exciting set to get the crowd started. The next band up was a group that came all the way from Italy, Awake for Days. AFDs music was an amazing mix of industrial, electronic, and hard rock. Reminiscent of classic bands from the late 90s and early 2000s such as Orgy and Linkin Park with a sound that’s just as futuristic as it is 90s. They started with a sound appropriate for a gothic, metal funeral and then went into a set that consisted mostly of songs from their new 2023 album "Multiverse". one of the songs from their set was a cover of the Linkin Park classic "One Step Closer". The songs are driven by steady beats with elements of electronic and techno, they’re also able to deliver blasting riffs and powerful vocals. Following awake for days was the completely and proudly independent Divide the Fall hailing from Minneapolis MN. Unfortunately, they were forced to cut their set short due to time limitations. Nevertheless, it was still an amazing performance. The lead singer Ethan Weinaug was steadily pacing the stage while delivering amazing vocals that alternated between screams and cries. Their music was a mix of hardcore, melodic passages, and crowd-interactive anthems such as "Fake Love", which they were able to get the audience’s assistance with the chorus.

Finally, after three amazing performances, Cold took the stage. While Awake for Days had the music of a funeral, Cold was dressed for one. All of the members of the band were wearing all-black outfits head to toe, but once the music started they proved that "Year of the Spider" was nowhere near dead. They are currently celebrating the 20th anniversary of the classic album from 2003. Because of this, their set list consisted of the album in its entirety plus some hits from other albums such as "13 ways to Bleed" and "A different kind of pain". A captivating yet vulnerable moment in the show was when they performed "Cure my Tragedy" (Written about Scooter Ward's sister's battle with cancer). Scooter introduced the song, WHICH THEY PERFORM RARELY ON STAGE with a speech explaining the backstory. Once the song began it was clear why. It is an emotional song for Scooter to sing but with the encouragement of the audience, he was able to deliver an amazing, heart-tugging performance. Another high point was the final song. Of course, Scooter and the band couldn’t let the audience go out on just any song. perhaps saving the best for last, they went into "Wasted Years". Scooter's voice could barely be heard over the sound of the audience singing the words back to him. A truly wonderful moment to close a truly amazing concert.

In the end, Cold at The Warehouse on Watts was an amazing show and it was great to see such a devoted fan base able to get together and celebrate their favorite music. Huge thanks to the venue and the management of the band for making this possible and putting on an amazing show.

By Nick Tovo
April 01, 2023
Divide The Fall
Awake for days
Sygnal to noise

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