Born of Osiris and Attila is on their massive North America tour called The Angels and Villains tour, and on April 20th the stop was in Reading, PA at Reverb. The tour started in early April and will end around the end of May. Co-headlined by Born of Osiris and Attila, the tour also features Traitors, Extortionist, and Not Enough Space. 
The night of April 20th started with Not Enough Space and Extortionist. They set the tone for the rest of the night. Traitors came in next and the band’s energy was transferred into the audience. Their setlist consisted of songs like - “Nu World Order”, “RIP”, and “Phantasm”. Next, it was Attila and they basically took the energy to the roof of the venue. With constant crowd surfers and moshing, we have to give credit to the securities at Reverb for managing it well. Attila is known to blend genres like Rap, Nu Metal, and Metalcore and the setlist consisted of songs like - “Bite Your Tongue”, “Middle Fingers Up”, and “Handshakes with Snakes”. Finally, the Born of Osiris took the stage with a different vibe from before with their Progressive Metalcore sound with the essence of Djent. Though the band consists of 4 members now, the sound and technicalities were a treat for the audience. Their setlist consisted of “A Mind Shot Circuiting”, “Angel or Alien”, and “Machine”. 
The show was a great success and we thank the management, venue, and publicist for the successful execution. As the tour remains we highly recommend the metalcore fans to catch them live in the city near you. 
By Shuvam DasGupta
April 24, 2024
Born of Osiris

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