The night of the 22nd was powerful, evil, heavy, meaningful, and fun. Mean to be a tribute to the iconic pioneers of death metal - DEATH, it was a three-band lineup featuring some iconic names and is certainly one of the most brutal tours currently active. Death to All, Cryptopsy, and Morbid Cross tore through the historic Theater of Living Arts in Philly leaving a few cuts and bruises along the way but all smiles as well.
Kicking off the night was the exciting and ultra-energetic Morbid Cross. Hailing from Vineland New Jersey and playing a hellish mix of beatdown hardcore and death metal. The lead singer screamed and growled through his massive crown of hair as the rhythm section attempted to blow out the eardrums of the crowd in front of them, all this alongside winding riffs and wild breakdowns. Up next was Cryptopsy, death metal through and through. With some of the most devilish growls and low vocals, the lewd singer commanded the crowd both with his voice and his energy. Screaming at them to get their hands up and acknowledging all sections of the barrier, it made for a burst of pure adrenaline as the musical attack was unleashed. With perfect times breakdowns and deep yells paired with booming bass and some of the fastest drum work I’ve ever seen, Cryptopsy is impressive and they are here to stay.
Last to hit the stage but most certainly not least, the mighty and iconic Death to All! A band that is a continuation and celebration of the legacy of the iconic Chuck Schuldiner, they certainly do a proper job. Playing a mix of classic DEATH songs and some Death to All originals, it was an exciting set with explosive energy. Crowd-surfers going over barriers, circle pits and push pits sprouting all over, and most importantly head banging. Featuring many original DEATH members, it is a proper tribute and the music has aged like fine wine, which was made clear by the amount of young people in the crowd. The iconic riffs and deep gruff vocals paired with an absolutely historic rhythm section, Death to All brought joy to all those who were in attendance that night. One both Philly and Death to All may never forget.
A fitting tribute to one of the most important bands in the history of heavy music, Death to All, Cryptopys, and Morbid Cross are helping to continue the popularity and legacy of extreme metal as they continue to push boundaries while remaining true to the roots. It was a punishing night with a great reward in the end. One only made possible by the late great Chuck Schuldiner, RIP. Thank you to everyone who made this possible thank you the theater of living arts and death to all!
By Nick Tovo
IG - @nrtimageryemail -
June 5, 2024
Death to all
morbid cross

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