The first Unitarian church of Philadelphia is a historic building that has been around since the 19th century. Because of this, you might be surprised to find it puts on shows featuring some of the best up-and-coming and classic bands within the alternative rock subgenre. Young and upcoming bands like Sunami have played at this historic building but tonight was a night for both the "new" and the "old".
First up was the "new", Die Spitz, an aggressive young band on their first-ever tour and they did not disappoint. It was a set full of screaming, partial nudity, crowd interaction, banging drums, and punishing guitar chords. If you want an entertaining and high-energy show, look no further than this band right here, one of the guitarists took her shirt off about midway through the set, while also playing on a broken foot might I add, the singer was both in the crowd screaming and singing and climbing on the drums, and the drummer and other guitarist switched spots for a song. With sounds as ferocious as hardcore/punk while simultaneously being as dark and heavy as a band such as Black Sabbath or Sleep, Die Spitz is a must-see band that is beginning to make their rounds.
Coming up to close out the night was punk supergroup OFF! Off proved once again that "punk is not dead", not that it ever was. A fast-paced, circle pit and crowd-surfer-filled set with an impressively sized setlist, of course, most songs don’t make it over to the two-minute mark. Frontman Keith Morris (founding member of Black Flag and Circle Jerks) continues to control crowds and crush vocals while guitarist Dimitri Coats and bassist Autry Rene laid down wall-to-wall riffs, all emphasized by the deafening drums of Justin Brown. It was a mosh-filled show played at breakneck speed that proved the spirit and fire of the early beginnings of hardcore and punk are far from gone in the young crowds of  Philly. 
OFF! With Die Spitz was an energetic, angsty, and attitude-filled night capped off with circle pits and stage divers. Huge thank you to Off!, Die Spitz, and all the staff and crew at the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia for setting up an incredible evening.
By Nick Tovo
May 29, 2023

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