It was Swedish heavy metal madness in Bethlehem PA on the night of December 14. 2 of the biggest names from Sweden Meshuggah and In Flames rocked the stage at the Wind Creek event center as a part of their North American tour. The night started with Tennessee’s very own deathcore band Whitechapel. They absolutely set the tone for the night with songs that deserve moshing from the very beginning. Their setlist included songs like - “The Saw is the Law”, and “A Bloodsoaked Symphony”. In Flames took the stage up next with an energy that is unmatched. Bjorn, Chris, Tanner, Liam, and Anders made the audience headband, crowdsurf, and mosh throughout the set. The setlist consisted of songs like - “I am Above”, “Take This Life”, and “State of Slow Decay”. The great Meshugaah was the final act for the night everyone was waiting for and it went dark as “Careless Whisper” started playing. They started literally standing in shadows while performing “Broken Cog”. The destruction continued for the next 90 minutes. Jens, Fredrik, Tomas, Marten, and Dick kept composure while performing some extreme tracks like - “Future Breed Machine”, “Born in Dissonance”, “Rational Gaze”, “Demiurge” and one of the biggest hits of all time “Bleed”. Overall the it was a treat for the audience to witness the European giants. Finally a big thanks to the organizers, and management for the great execution. 

By Shuvam DasGupta
Dec 18, 2023
In Flames

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