The British-American duo The Kills has embarked on a North American tour that is touching almost all the major cities. Feb 24th - the Saturday night at The Union Transfer was the Philly stop. It was a late-night show - perfect for the weekend. It started at 9 PM with The Paranoyds the LA-based 4 parts band created a nice vibe with genre blending music with elements of garage and Indie Rock with psychedelia. The band consisted of 4 members - Laila on Keys, Lexi on Guitar, Staz on Bass, and David on the Drums, three of the girls contributing to the vocals played some songs like - “Face First”, “Girlfriend Degree”, “Rat Boy”, “Egg Salad”. They were able to set the mood for the headliner. The Kills came on stage around 10:15 PM with an absolutely rocking sound and energy from the very first song. Alison “VV” Mosshart and Jamie “Hotel” Hince - both started with the guitars and eventually VV set aside the guitar to put up a stunning performance. Both of their presence was unique and something to look out for. It was amazing to see how just two of them could manage to engage an almost full house with their Indie /Garage Rock Sound. The main purpose of the tour was to celebrate their latest album God Games and they performed almost all the songs from the album. The setlist also included - “Future Starts Slow”, “Doing it to Death”, “Sour Cherry”, and “Kissy Kissy”. It was a great show to uplift the mood for the weekends. I would highly suggest catching them live for the rest of the tour. Finally, a big shoutout to the publicist, management, and venue for the successful execution of the show.  
By Shuvam DasGupta
Feb 27, 2024
The Kills
The Paranoyds

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