The longest-running metal tour in North America is back in 2024 with a devilish lineup and on March 8th the stop was in Philly at the Underground Arts. The 20-year-old tour also sets the tone for the Decibel Metal and Beer Festival in Philly which is about a month away. The line up of the tour is been headlined by Hulder from the Northwest, Philly’s very own Devin Master, Worm from Floria, and Texan band Necrofier. The environment was set very aptly when you entered the venue with candle lamps on the stage and an atmospheric sound. Necrofier was the first band on stage and took the atmosphere to the next level to prepare the audience for the rest of the night. The presence was like a wild prophecy with the ram’s head on the mic stand and how the band dressed up. Worm was up next to make things way more darker and the audience reciprocated. To take the things to the next level they brought a sword and drank blood from the skull. But the sound was really impressive with a blend of melody with doom metal.  Up next was Philly’s very own Devil Master and it took a different turn. It was not all black with some colors for a change which was a classic retro touch. The blend of Punk with Black metal creates a unique sound that shows why the local band is so popular. Finally, Hulder came on stage to make things as Dark as possible and that is what the audience was waiting for. Hulder from Olympia, WA is one of the most talked about artists of the present-day black metal scene. She with her band created a medieval feel that resembles the Scandinavian black metal bands. Her presence and sound was something that took the night to a different level to conclude the show. Overall it was a successful show and kudos to the management, organizers, Decibel Magazine, and the venue for the execution. The tour is still on until March 18 so do catch them live and we will look forward to the Decibel Metal and Beer Fest the next month with a massive lineup.
By Shuvam DasGupta
March 14, 2024
Devil master

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