The night before Halloween 2023 was exactly what it should be at the Brooklyn Bowl Philly.  Mac Sabbath along with Cybertronic Spree and Playboy Manbaby made a stop during their North America tour and It was perfect for the fans who dressed up in costumes for the event. It all started with Playboy Manbaby - the funk-punk band from Phoenix, AZ is weirdly amazing.  The band became internet famous when the frontman Robbie Pfeffer started posting videos during the Covid lockdown. They performed songs from their new album “Toxic Positivity” and other songs like “Cadillac Car”, and “You Can Be A Facist Too”. After them, the ambiance became futuristic with a retro twist when Cybertronic Spree arrived. The band looks like a group of Transformers who perform all the classic rocks from the Transformer movies. They absolutely rocked and the audience partied hard throughout the setlist that consisted of songs like - “Immigrant Song”, “The Touch”, and “Thunderstruck”. Finally, the stage was cleared and curtains were up with Mac Sabbath’s name on it. There were two clown heads on a pole on the two sides of the stage with smoke coming from it. The fans were ready for Mac sabbath and when they came off stage they went crazy. The legends of the Diner Rock are known to make rock parodies of the classic rocks to take a toll on the fast food industries. Ronald Osbourne on vocals, Slayer MacCheeze on the Guitar, Grimalice on the Bass, and the Catburglar on the drums rocked the hell out of Brooklyn Bowl Philly. Ronald on his Straitjacket was running from one side of the stage to another. He was sometimes splashing water on the audience, sometimes turning the grill on the front stage with smoke coming from it. It was all the things that you expect from a Mac Sabbath show. There was a time when a Lizardman came on stage playing the harmonica. They did songs like - “Grilled by Death”, “Bread”, and “Love Buns” - guess the real songs. Overall it was a great show and cheers to the management, and organizers for a successful execution.
By Shuvam DasGupta
Nov 3, 2023
Cybertronic Spree
Playboy Manbaby

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