The Cavalera family is one of the undisputed powerhouses of Heavy Metal. Go Ahead and Die AKA GAAD is one of the bands where father and son - Max Cavalera and Igor Amadeus Cavalera collaborate to create some mind-blasting music. GAAD is on their North American tour to celebrate their sophomore album “Unhealthy Mechanism” and accompanying them at the Bensalem, PA stop were Bodybox, Half Heard Voice, and Omit All. Broken Goblet Brewing is a small but interesting venue where you can enjoy music with some great beers and Feb 7 was something special with 4 Heavy metal bands performing. The night started with Omit All, a Philly-based band with some really heavy sound. They took control of the stage early and did not disappoint. Next was the progressive metal band Half Heard Voices from Frederick, MD. Though their vocalist Alex was not present due to illness, the 3 members of the band - Stefan on the Bass, Patrick on the drums, and Dillon on the guitar absolutely killed it. The music was technically sound and also heavy - just as pure progressive metal needs to be. Next up was Bodybox - this band never disappoints. With no setlist, the band was literally deciding on stage which song to play next. Pure hardcore madness is what the band is known for - Justin and Josh on the guitar were incredible, Harry on the vocals, and Malik on the drums were 2 powerhouses of the band. Finally Go Ahed and Die took the stage - Igor taking the center stage and Max (for a change) acting primarily as the guitarist for the band started the destruction. Johnny on the drums and Jackie on the bass were the perfect companions for the band's really heavy sound. It was pure madness as the whole crowd gathered up in front of the stage almost touching the members. The setlist consisted of all the songs from their new album “Unhealthy Mechanism” and some more. Overall the show was what the audience was asking for. We thank the organizers, publicists, and the venue for the successful execution of the event. Catch GAAD live at any of the upcoming shows that they will be performing throughout North America.
By Shuvam DasGupta
Feb 11, 2024
Half Heard Voices
Omit all

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