The wave of drains Good Good tour crashed onto Philly tonight and it was a sight to behold. A massive bill with 7 of the best and most energetic bands on the hardcore scene. Icons like Terror and faces of the future like Scowl made for an exhilarating night at the historic Union Transfer in Philly.
Kicking off the night was M.A.D (mutually assured destruction) who came with riffs like bricks falling from a building and pounding snares laid below the shouting and growling of lead singer Ace Stallings. Following them was a group of modern faces of hardcore, End It. End It always provides sets that get you ready to run through a wall and tonight was no exception. Starting with slow dramatic samples of classic folk/country songs, a full-fledged onslaught of chaotic vocals courtesy of Akil Godsley, and ripping guitars courtesy of the twin guitar attack of Ray Lee and Johnny McMillion. Following those first two energy-packed groups was another up-and-coming and hungry group, Kingnine. A group that is hellbent on laying down classic hardcore with a modern spike of energy and sound, and they do so very well. Controlling the crowd and helping to keep the energy alive, it was the perfect set to lead into the next band to hit the stage, the one and only Twitching Tongues. Formed by brothers Colin and Taylor Young, Twitching Tongue keeps the classic hardcore spirit alive while injecting it with the ferocity and hunger of the new generation. With vocals that can both sore to great heights and swoop to deep deep depths, Colin Young had the crowd in his hands and at his mercy, also with thanks to the powerhouse that is the rest of the band behind him.
Hitting the stage afterward was one of the new faces of the current hardcore scene, Scowl! As always scowl brought the energy and power to scoop the crowd up in the palm of their hands and blow them away. Scowl has a unique ability to alternate between the fast-paced break-neck hardcore and soft atmospheric rock that lulls you to a false sense of security until singer Kat Moss unleashes the energy. A truly fantastic and exciting young band, and there is definitely a good reason to keep an eye on Scowl in the near future. Following the young exciting faces was a legendary group and a domineering force in the hardcore world, Terror. With all the spirit and energy of the 90s/2000s era of hardcore, Terror begins it straight to and through the crowd with punching snare drums, booming bass, and screaming guitars all maintained by the one and only Scott Vogel on vocals. A truly exciting set worthy of any and all praise, Terror continue to raise the bar and show the younger generations what it means to be hardcore.
Last but most certainly not least to hit the stage was Drain. Equipped with inflatable beach balls and rafts, it was a beach party for the ages as the Santa Cruz natives dropped the power of the ocean upon the unsuspecting Philly crowd. With enough energy to power a generator, vocalist Sammy Ciaramitaro runs up and down the stage, in and out of the crowd, and really just wherever he pleases. All while keeping the vocals up as well as sharing the mic with the crowd. The entire venue was moving and feeling the pressure created by Drain. A true blast of energy and fun was created and harnessed in the crowd that night.  It was a truly special night as the ever-amazing Drain came to Philadelphia with some of the best bands of today’s hardcore scene in tow and delivered a performance for the ages. Major thank you to everyone who helped to make this possible and thank you to the Union Transfer and Drain.
By Nick Tovo
IG - @nrtimageryemail -
June 5, 2024
twitching tongues
end it

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