Chaos and Carnage tour is back with an ultimate lineup for the heavy metal fans and on May 11 the stop was in Reading, PA. Since 2019 the tour featured some heavy names like - Dying Fetus, Suicide Silence, Lorna Shore, Born of Osiris, and White Chappel to name a few. This year’s lineup consisted of Cattle Decapitation, Carnifex, Rivers of Nihil, Humanity’s Last Breath, The Zenith Passage, Vitriol, and Face Yourself. The show started at 4 PM with Face Yourself to set the tune, Vitriol right after to keep the momentum going and The Zenith Passage to take it to another level. Next up it was Humanity’s Last Breath all the way from Sweden. They were able to change the ambiance to make it more dark and the music to accompany that. Reading’s very own The Rivers of Nihil was next with a sound that is really unique. The Technical Death Metal band does create an experimental sound accompanied by Saxophone. Up next was one of the two headlines of the night - Carnifex. One of the leading bands of Death Core literally destroyed the stage with a powerful performance. The constant flow of crowd surfers proved that the audience is taking all the energy in from the band. The setlist consisted of songs like - Lie to My Face, Drown Me in Blood, and Necromanteum. Finally, it was one of the Deathgrind pioneers Cattle Decapitation. The band is known for its heaviest music with some extreme lyrics that contain strong messages against animal cruelty. Throughout the set, the mosh pit became bigger and bigger with constant crowdsurfing. The band took the energy to the high point to end the night with a setlist containing songs like - Scourge of the Offspring, Bring Back the Plague, We Eat Our Young. Overall it was a great night for all the metal lovers and we encourage all to catch the tour live at a city near you. Finally big shoutout to the organizers, venue, publicists, and management for the successful execution of the tour. 
By Shuvam DasGupta
May 16, 2024
Cattle Decapitation
Rivers of Nihil
Humanity’s Last Breath

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