We Came as Romans are touring the North-America with Erra and Brand of Sacrifice. On January 24th, 2023 their stop was at The Baltimore Sound Stage. It was a Metal feast for the audience who were there to warm up on a cold night. 
The Show started at 7 PM with Brand of Sacrifice. The death Metal band from Toronto is just the purest form of what Metal should be. The presence of Kyle Anderson was undisputed and the audience could not stop head-banging throughout the set. The 30 min set included songs like - ‘Dawn’, ‘Damon King’ and their latest ‘Exodus’. Next was Erra with their absolutely stunning Progressive Metalcore sound. The dual vocal tones of Jesse and JT make the band stand out. The audience was on top of the energy and there was a constant flow of crowd surfing happening. They performed a set of around 9 songs with numbers like - ‘Pull from the Ghost’, ‘Psalm of Sedition’, and ‘Snowblood’. Finally, around 8:50 PM We Came as Romans came to the stage. By that time the energy of the crowd was at its peak and that was reflected throughout the set. Dave and Andy are two powerhouses of performance. Dave came down from the stage twice to crowd-surf. Though they mostly performed almost all the songs from their new album ‘Darkbloom’, they also went back to their old songs in memory of Kyle Pavone. During their song ‘Darkbloom’ Kyle from Brand of Sacrifice also joined them on vocals and it was a great collaboration. 
Overall it was a great show and truly WCAR came as Romans to conquer Baltimore. Also a big shoutout to the management at the SoundStage for a successfully organized show. 
By Shuvam DasGupta
January 26, 2023
We Came As Romans
Brand of Sacrifice

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