Metal and Beer Fest: A Night of Ferocious Sounds and Brews
The Metal and Beer Fest's inaugural day, on April 12th, was a fiery whirlwind of music and libations. Decibel Magazine orchestrated a symphony of heavy metal and craft beer, igniting the passions of attendees with a lineup that promised relentless energy and unforgettable performances.
With Witching, Enforced, Internal Bleeding, Jesus Piece, Crowbar, and Biohazard commanding the stage, attendees were treated to a barrage of sonic brilliance. From blistering riffs to primal vocals, each band left an indelible mark on the night. Meanwhile, beer enthusiasts savored a plethora of craft brews, elevating the sensory experience. As the final chords faded, anticipation brewed for the next day's festivities. 
By Solmaira Valerio
Apr 15, 2024
Jesus piece

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