Unfortunately, the Union Transfer in Philly was on fire last night, the good news is it was just the plain white t's playing a date of their On Fire! Tour and it was a night of jumping, singing, clapping, and good music. The Union Transfer is a well-known venue near the heart of Philadelphia that is consistently home to some of the most exciting and attractive music of today's and yesterday's generations.
Opening the night was the bold and fresh Pollyanna. A punky but melodic quartet that has the energy and exuberance to get a crowd on and off their feet. With speedy but fun and catchy songs to get you bumping shoulders with your audience mate, and an acoustic section to truly add emotion to a set that brought plenty.
Closing the night was the headlining Plain White T's. Delighting the Philadelphia audience with their infectious grooves, they brought positive and upbeatness to a crowd that was more than willing to accept it. They played an exciting set of their classic hits such as "Hey There Delilah" and "1,2,3,4", alongside songs from their most recent album Plain White T's - "Girl from Pasadena" and "Fired Up". Whether the audience was singing word for word or jumping beat for beat, it was pure energy and good vibes throughout, and truly a night to remember.
All in all, it was a wonderful night, Pollyanna kicked the door in and The Plain White Ts got the party started as the On Fire! tour continued to blaze across the country. Big thank you to everyone involved for making this show possible - The management, Publicist, and The Union Transfer. 
By Nick Tovo
email - nickrenzo@icloud.com
February 07, 2024
Plain White T's

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