On the evening of February 7th, 2024, the historic halls of The MET Philadelphia pulsed with anticipation and excitement as fans gathered for an enchanting performance by the incomparable Mitski, accompanied by the remarkable Tamino.
WXPN welcomed Mitski, also known as Mitsuki Miyawaki, an acclaimed American singer and songwriter. Mitski's performances carried a distinct theatrical vibe, perfectly complemented by the grandeur of The MET's surroundings. Her musical journey began with the self-release of her first two albums, "Lush" and "Retired from Sad, New Career in Business" while she pursued studies in studio composition at Purchase College's Conservatory of Music.
The night commenced with the hauntingly beautiful vocals of Tamino, also known as Tamino-Amir Moharam Fouad, a Belgian-Egyptian sensation. As he took the stage, the audience was captivated by his soul-stirring performance. His voice, a fusion of raw emotion and undeniable talent, filled the vast space of The MET, leaving attendees with chills and goosebumps.
Following Tamino's mesmerizing set, Mitski graced the stage, her presence commanding the attention of all in attendance. With each song, Mitski transported the audience into a world of introspection and emotion, her performances carrying the audience on a journey of self-discovery. The theatrical elements of her show, coupled with the grandeur of The MET, created an immersive experience unlike any other.​​​​​​​
As the evening drew to a close, those fortunate enough to attend were immersed in a night filled with unforgettable moments and soul-stirring music. As the final notes faded into the air, the echoes of applause filled the grand halls of The MET, serving as a resounding testament to the extraordinary talent of Mitski, and Tamino, and the profound power of live music to inspire, uplift, and unite individuals from all walks of life.
By Solmaira Valerio
Feb 11, 2024

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