Pain of Truth is one of the most popular rising hardcore bands and nights like November 4th at The Polish Club prove exactly why. Celebrating the release of their debut album “Not Through Blood” they were joined by Koyo, Life's Question, and Vomit Forth. The other set of acts for the night was Adrienne, balmoral, and xnomadx. 
Starting off the night hot was xnomadx, a vegan straight-edge band from the northeast. Meshing elements of hardcore and metalcore, it is an exciting ride through the set, playing mostly songs off of their new EP; On Skylines of Embers. Following was a band in a similar vein, Balmora. Representing Connecticut's straight edge, Balmora provides atmospheric guitars with earth-shattering screams and driving riffs to make an amazing live experience. After these two was the headliner of the opening tour, Adrienne who provide an extreme attack that ranges from soft singing to piercing screams. Pummeling drums and grooving but heavy bass help to prove that the future of hardcore is more than safe in the hands of the young.
The first set of the headliner's tour was Vomit Forth, an exciting death metal band that brings energy and movement wherever they go. Tonight was no different as the audience was at the mercy of the band as they called for more pits and to come closer to the stage. While they may not have been a hardcore band, Vomit Forth made sure to keep the hardcore energy and spirit and channel it tonight. 
Following was the exhilarating Life’s Question. A straight-up hardcore band that brings in at times Shoegazey vocals and rap-level beats. A nonstop thrill ride from beginning to end, they played mostly songs from their debut LP “World Full Of…” Two Steps and Circle Pits were the name of the game as their set carried the energy from Vomit Forth and catapulted it forward, perfectly preparing the audience for what was to come with the final two bands.
Up next was the young and rising Koyo from Long Island. It was a set that quite literally brought the house down as Koyo's blend of shoegaze and hardcore captured the audience and left them in complete control. One of the most exciting new bands in the hardcore scene, they are also celebrating the release of their debut LP “Would You Miss It?” While they may not be as brutal or heavy as some of the other bands on tonight’s bill, Koyo definitely bring the energy that every show needs. The crowd was constantly swarming the stage and taking the microphone, lights fell from the ceiling, and ceiling tiles were ripped out of the roof, only to be immediately replaced of course.
Last but certainly not least, the kings of New York hardcore, Pain of Truth. Touring the release of their debut “Not Through Blood” shows that NYHC is stronger than ever. Collaborating with some of the biggest names in the hardcore scene, Pain of Truth is a true example of the sense of community within the scene. Slicing guitar riffs and snare drums that make you touch your lips to your nose, it is hardcore through and through and it is exciting. Crowd surfers, stage divers, and all the rest were out in full form, and Pain of Truth loved it. It was definitely a successful record release and subsequent tour. Look for Pain of Truth in the future as the sky is the limit for these kings of hardcore.
All in all November 4th was an electric night in the basement of the Polish Club and certainly a successful record release for Pain of Truth. 7 bands and 7 of the most energetic sets you can find in music by the young and the hungry. The future is definitely in great hands. A massive thank you to everyone who made all of this possible. 
By Nick Tovo
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November 15, 2023
Pain of Truth
Life's question
Vomit forth

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