Life of Agony is touring North America alongside Sick of It All to celebrate 30 years of one of the most iconic Metal albums “River Runs Red”. The tour touches some major cities on the East coast and Canada. On March 15th, the stop was in Baltimore at the iconic Soundstage.
The Show started with Coventry Carols, a three-person band from New York. Jon Soda on the guitar and vocals, Clifford on the Bass, and Terry on the drums created a unique sound that is almost a blend of all the genres of the 90's - a little bit of punk, some grunge, and some Alt Rock. They put up a 30 mins show to kick off the night with some great vibes.
Next on stage was one of the legends of the New York Hardcore scene - Sick of It All. It is absolutely great to see Lou Koller, Pete Koller, Armand Majidi, and Craig Setari keeping this same lineup for such a long time. Pete is a powerhouse of performance - his energy on stage was contagious to the audience. That is reflected when Lou made the audience create the “Wall of Death” in the mosh pit - this is something that is very common in all of their shows. For 1 hour they made sure to take the energy of the room to the peak with a setlist that consisted of songs like - “Uprising Nation”, “Injustice System”, “Scratch the Surface”, and “Step Down”.
It was 9 PM and the fans were ready for what was coming next - Life of Agony. Their newest member Veronica Bellino and 2 of the founding members - Alan Robert and Joey Z took the stage first and finally came legendary Mina Caputo. Life of Agony is an iconic band for not only the music but also for the statements that they have made. Mina is truly an inspiration for a lot of people and her presence on stage takes it to a different level. They started with 2 of their most famous songs - “This Time” and “Underground”. “This Time” was recently featured on Rolling Stone’s list of “The 100 Greatest Heavy Metal Songs of All Time”. For almost 90 mins they performed “River Runs Red” in its entirety and also some other songs like - “Other Side of the River”, and “Weed”. 
Overall it was a great show and it was reflecting on the fan’s energy. Finally a shoutout to the tour and venue management for the successful execution of the show.

By Shuvam DasGupta
March 18, 2023
Life of Agony
Sick of It All
Coventry carols

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