Dec 27 was the NYC Punk rock night in Philly at the Brooklyn Bowl. Gogol Bordello and Crazy and the Brains rocked the stage with some unmatched energy and some pure punk music. Both bands are unique in their own way and stand out from other bands. Brooklyn Bowl was the perfect spot for the show and fans started gathering to witness the madness. It all started around 8 with Crazy and the Brains and they literally owned the stage for the whole set. Christoph Jesus the vocalist is a powerhouse and his presence was remarkable. The band truly represents the good old punk rock music and we wouldn’t mind if the venue was smaller than what it is to enjoy the show. The band has a unique sound and it gets to a different level with Saxophone. Next up it was what everyone was waiting for, Gogol Bordello took the stage at 9:15, and from the very first song they took the energy of the room out of the roof. The band consisting of members from Ukraine, Russia, Ecuador, and Brazil creates music that is out of the world. The 7 members of the band truly made it feel like a celebration on stage with strong political stand. The incorporation of violin and accordion creates a unique sound. Eugene Hütz’s presence on stage is energetic and Pedro Erazo takes it to another level by making it more dramatic. The long setlist consisted of songs like - “Wonderlust King”, “Start Wearing Purple”, “Alcohol”, And "Undestructable”. Overall it was truly a great night and big thanks to the publicist, management, and organizers for pulling off this event.
By Shuvam DasGupta
Jan 1, 2024
Gogol Bordello
Crazy and The Brains

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