Franklin music hall is a classic venue in Philadelphia that is home to some of the best and most exciting concerts in Philadelphia. Anger and expression were on the menu for tonight’s show, Idles, and Mannequin Pussy.
Hitting the stage first was the beloved Philly punk outfit Mannequin Pussy. A group whose sound is as aggressive and angry as soft and emotional. Going from beautiful Melodie and vocals to shredding guitars and screaming, Mannequin Pussy took the Franklin Music Hall crowd on a roller coaster and they loved every second. 
Up next was the headliner, the red-hot IDLES. A band from Bristol, UK, they bring the spiteful, thatcher-hating British energy to every show they play and that was evident tonight. After a sinister, ticking intro, the crowd was immediately demanded to split in half, and chaos ensued once that was complete. From that point on, frontman Joe Talbot had total control over the crowd. Idles is a band that does not shy away from crowd interaction, in fact, they encourage it! From pit callouts to guitarist Lee Kiernan crowd-surfing while playing an entire song, it was a night everyone should remember for a long time.
Big thanks to Idles, Mannequin Pussy, and the Franklin Music Hall for making this night possible. 
By Nick Tovo
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June 25, 2023
Mannequin Pussy

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