Underoath teamed up with Periphery and Loathe to kick off the Blind Obedience Tour across North America on March 3rd at the Fillmore Silver Springs. Despite the terrible weather and constant rain the Fans made it a sold-out show and packed up a full house.
The show was supposed to start at 7 but due to some technical difficulties it had to start at around 7:40 PM with Loathe performing just one song “Gored”. even with the technical glitch they were able to rock the stage, especially with Kadeem’s presence. The “Fab four” from Liverpool (very much unlike the Beatles) is known to destroy the stage with their performance blending Metalcore with Nu Metal sound. We hope to see them again soon with a full set.
Next up on stage was very local but supremely global Periphery with their uniquely technical ‘Djent’ sound. Misha – one of the finest of the genre was doing what he does the best along with Jake and Mark making a mark on the guitar, Matt killing it on the drums and Spencer with his ability to use both the clean and growl vocals to take the energy of the room to the peak. The 45 min set started with “Ragnarok” from their second album and consisted of other songs like – “Wildfire”, “Atropos” and “Marigold”.
Finally, at around 9 PM, the stage was set for Underoath. This is the second time I am witnessing them perform and they are never short on energy. Spencer on vocals is running, jumping, and yet performing as he should. It is surprising how Aaron was killing it on the drums and also providing clean and backing vocals at times. Tim on guitar and Grant on the base are the two most essential contributors to the heavy and unique sound. Finally, I am always in awe with Christopher – this man is playing keyboards, doing sampling, and playing drums, but never forgets to headbang while doing all these. The set consisted of their new song “Let go” and other numbers like – “Down, Set, Go”, “it’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door”, “Reinventing Your Exit”, “Writing on the Walls” and more.
Overall it was definitely a night to remember and a great start to the tour. The Trio will be on the road for the coming months performing in different cities so do check out the shows. Finally a shoutout to the tour and venue management for the successful execution of the show.

By Shuvam DasGupta
March 5, 2023

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