Day 2 of the Decibel Metal & Beer Fest was no less (or maybe even more) than Day 1. The 2 days of celebration of the Heaviest of Metal bands with some heavy-metal beer is what the Metal heads look out for year-round. Fans kept coming as the day progressed to the heaviest festival in town. The day started with Daeva - the thrash metal band from Philly kicked off the day in the best possible way. The lamp of Murmuur came next and made it darker. The black metal band has some presence with masks and face paint accompanied by some great riffs. It was great to see Will Haven up next with some West Coast hardcore. The band has been rocking since 1995 and still possesses the same energy. 200 Stab Wounds came in next with some pure classic death metal music. Canadian death metal band Tomb Mold was next with some heavy instrumentals and frequent vocals by their drummer Max Klebanoff. The band blends genres like Progressive and Djent which creates a unique sound. The next 2 bands were 2 of the legendary names of the Heavy metal scene. Dying Fetus was on stage performing an “Old School” set from their early albums like “Killing on Adrenaline” and “Destroy the Opposition”. Finally, it was the legendary Deicide to close the night. One of the heaviest and most controversial bands of all time still dominated the stage with music from three of their first albums - “Deicide”, “Legion”, and “Once upon the Cross”. The fans gave it all and it was a constant flow of crowd surfers and mosh pit throughout the sets. 
Overall the festival was a great success for heavy metal and beer lovers. Thanks to Decibel magazine for the successful execution of the event and we will definitely be looking forward to the next year.
By Shuvam DasGupta
April 21, 2024
Dying Fetus
Tomb Mold
200 Stab Wounds
Will Haven
Lamp of Murmuur

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