Static-X accompanied by Fear Factory is currently on their “Rise of the Machine” North America tour. On March 17th the stop was at the Baltimore Soundstage for a Sold-out night. This is absolutely the best St Patrick's Day celebration that the fans can have. 
The Night started with the performances of Society 1 to kickstart the energy of the crowd. With Dope up next the energy of the room went pretty high. After that Mushroomhead just took the momentum to the highest gear. The crowd was ready for what was coming next - Fear Factory. The Iconic industrial heavy metal band took the stage at 8:45 with legendary Dino Cazares on the guitar, powerful Mike Heller on the drums, Tony Campos for his first act on the bass (he will be back again with Static-X), and finally their newest member Milo Silvestro on the vocals. It was interesting to see how Milo used 2 mics and an instrument to create a mechanical vocal tone. It was an absolutely powerful performance by a band who are around for so many years with so much contribution to the genre. Their setlist consisted of songs like - “Shock”, “Edgecrusher”, “What will Become?”, “Archetype” and “Replica”. 
Around 10:15 PM the stage was set for Static-X and the theme music of the Terminator was being played. A Big-headed cyborg-like character took the stage with a torch in hand. The character is reminded of the one from the “Push It” music video. The grand stage was lit and yet again Tony Campos took the stage with his Bass, Koichi Fukuda with his guitar, Ken Jay on the drums and finally Xer0 came along with his new attire and look. This new appearance was part of the Mechanical evolution of Xer0 and was designed by the renowned Eddie Yang. The design of the stage was absolutely stunning with great use of lights and LEDs. It was a power-packed performance by one of the most celebrated Industrial Metal bands. Yes, we still miss Wayne Static in these shows but we have to admit that Xer0 was a great flag-bearer of his legacy. They did an almost 75 min set with songs like - “Fix”, “Terminator Oscillator”, “Bled for Days”, “Cold”, ”Terrible Lie”, “I’m with Stupid” and at the end, the most popular “Push It”. 
Overall it was a perfect night with back-to-back performances and almost a celebration of Industrial Metal on St Paddy’s day. A shoutout to the tour and venue management for the successful execution of the show.

By Shuvam DasGupta
March 21, 2023
Fear Factory

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