50 Cent is on his worldwide “Final Lap Tour” to celebrate 20 years of the iconic album “Get Rich or Die Tryin'”. The tour which might be his last tour ever was accompanied by Jeremih and another hip-hop legend Busta Rhymes. We were present at the Camden, NJ show on August 12.
The house was almost packed with approximately 20,000 fans from NJ, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. The stage was set up with 4 massive LEDs with some great visuals during the show. The night started with Jeremih. Jeremih was welcomed by his DJ and some moves by some beautiful ladies. He absolutely set the tone for the night with an amazing set featuring some of his great tracks - “Don’t Tell ‘Em”, “Birthday Sex” and “Oui”. Next up the stage went dark and with smoke and some lighting, the center stage revolved to expose legendary Busta Rhymes sitting on his throne. Accompanying him was his long-time friend Spliff Star. Both of them basically rocked the stage and Mr. Rhymes ruled the stage like a king. The setlist consisted of some of the biggest hits - “I know what You Want”, “Big City Boy” and “BEACH BALL”. Finally, the stage was lit Mr. 50 Cent came of from a smoke-filled glass box. The stage was lit up with an impression of a NY street on the LEDs - liquor stores, cleaner, pawn shops, etc. For the next 90 minutes, it was a celebration of pure hip hop with one of the genre's icons. His calm and composed demeanor with swagger was still present for what he is known for. Mr. Curtis Jackson ripped the stage with mostly songs from “Get Rich or Die Tryin”, but also other hits that included - “I’m on Some Shit”, “Candy Shop”, “In da Club”, “P.I.M.P” and many more.
It was an absolutely stunning show. I would suggest anyone catch him live on this tour because there is a chance that this might be his last tour. a big shoutout to the organizers, management, and LiveNations for successful execution.
By Shuvam DasGupta
Aug 16, 2023
50 Cent
Busta Rhymes

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