Once in a while, there are shows that are packed up from the first act. the night of Feb 17th at the Franklin Music Hall in Philly was one such night. Welsh Pop Punk band Neck Deep headlining the North American tour with support from Drain, Bearings, and Higher Power. Fans flooded in at the Sold-Out show that started around 7 PM. The first performance was by the English hardcore punk band Higher Power. From the first song the lift up the energy of the room to a great extent for the rest of the night. The setlist consisted of songs like - “Seamless”, “Low Season” and their newest track “Absolute Bloom”. Next up was the Canadian Punk band Bearings with some unmatched energy. Their sound is pure pop punk with some catchy tunes that get ingrained in your head. The band performed songs like - “Eyes Closed”, “Sway” and “Scenery”. The next performance absolutely destroyed it - the Santa Cruz Hardcore band Drain is known to mix genres like hardcore punk with Thrash metal. Throughout the set there was a constant flow of crowd surfers - at a point the band demanded 20 people to surf at the same time. It was total craziness with the vocalist Sammy jumping onto the crowd or throwing the mic at the crowd to sing along. There were people dressed as the band's logo shark and balls being thrown in the crowd. The performance was something that I am sure everyone is going to remember for a long time. The setlist consisted of some of the band’s famous tracks like - “Feel the Pressure”, “Sick One”, “Good Good Things” and even a Jesus Piece song. Finally, the stage was widened up and the headliner Neck Deep came to the stage and the crowd went crazy. Ben the vocalist is a total powerhouse of a performer and he literally ran from one corner to the other. The band even did not shy away from sharing their political views and making some really important statements relevant to today’s day and age. A like stuck with me was - “The homeless man on the corner of the street is more accessible than the rich politicians”. The pure pop-punk sound of the band resonated with everyone in the crowd with songs like - “December”, “In Bloom”, “Kali Ma”, “Lowlife”, and “Dumbstruck Dumbf**k”. It was an absolute killer show and we thank the publicist, management, and the venue for successful execution.      
By Shuvam DasGupta
Feb 19, 2024
Neck Deep
Higher Power

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