Pierce the Veil and The Used teamed up for the coheadlining “creative control” tour. Don Broco and Death by Romy joined them during this North American tour. On June 9th, the stop was in The Mann, Philadelphia. The vibe was almost like a festival and the credit goes to the open-air Skyline Stage of the Mann, with a packed crowd.
The night started early because of the bad weather forecast. The first Act on stage was Death by Romy. A unique Dark Pop Punk sound was created by the vocalist Romy with her band. It was perfect to start the show and set the tone of what was coming next. 
Next was Don Broco all the way from England. They are known for their supreme energy, especially by the vocalist Rob Damiani & the unique alt-pop rock sound with a retro vibe on it. Their guitarist Simon Delany was not present for the tour, but Mark Okubo filled in for him. Matt Donnely was managing the vocals with the drums, and Tom Doyle on Bass was perfect for the set that consisted of songs like - “Pretty”, “Everybody”, “Come Out to LA”, and “T-Shirt Song”.
Next up the stage was set stunningly with pink roses all over the place - that marks the presence of The Used. It was almost like some sort of celebration that went on throughout the set that consisted of songs from their old albums like - “In Love and Death”, “The Used” and the newest album “Toxic Positivity”. At one point Rob from Don Broco accompanied Bert McCracken on the vocals for the song “The Box Full of Sharp Objects” and the outro of “Smells Like Teen Spirits”. At one point, there was a couple on stage, and the guy proposed to the girl. The set ended with Bert, Jeph, and Joey throwing Roses to the audience.
Finally, the stage was darkened and the setup was almost in contrast to what was before. Pierce the Veil came to the stage and the crowd went crazy. Girls were screaming Vic’s name and almost all the songs were sung along by the audience. Jaime’s energy was something to look for - he was jumping, swinging the bass guitar on his shoulder, screaming and the energy was contagious to all. Tony Perry on the other hand was more poised with his guitar. Loniel Robinson - their touring drummer was killing it on the rhythms. At a point, Vic brought up 3 fans to perform one of the songs.  The setlist consisted of hits like - “King for a Day”, “Bulls in the Bronx”, and “Emergency Contact”. 
It was a great show under the open sky. Though there were some drizzles, the rain did not spoil the show. Kudos to the tour and venue management for the successful execution of the show.
By Shuvam DasGupta
June 13, 2023
Pierce The Veil
The Used
Don broco
Death By Romy

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