The night after Valentine's Day was a hardcore fest at the First Unitarian Church. Escuela Grind is on their Ball and Chain tour and it was the Philly stop with support from Take Offense, Brat, and Vespid. Fans were ready from the get-go and John Dyer Baizley of Baroness even showed up to witness the madness. It all started with pretty much a local name - Vespid from NJ. They have got a good fan base and from the first song, the crowd was pumped to enjoy the night. Next up it was Brat - the New Orleans Gring-Core band has a unique sound. Most of the songs start with a famous pop number and then take a complete turn with a breakdown into a pure hardcore song. Their presence and energy were something to look out for. Next was Take Offense from CA with a pure hardcore sound with an essence of classic heavy metal. Constant circle pit was going on throughout their set, which basically prepared the crowd for the headliners. Escuela Grind came prepared to demolish the floor with some blasting grindcore music. They were also joined by Ryan Giordano of Internal Bleeding on bass. The fans just went crazy for the next hour and the band performed with unmatched energy. Tom and Krissy on the guitars, Jesse on the drums, and the powerhouse Katerina on the vocals performed all their newest and older songs with a setlist that consisted of - “Punishment Ritual”, “Meat Magnet”, ”Ball and Chain”, “Cliffhanger”. We would highly recommend catching them live to experience the madness. We thank all the bands, organizers, and the Church for the successful execution of the show.  
By Shuvam DasGupta
Feb 19, 2024
Escuela Grind
Take OFFense

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