What does Sessanta mean? In Italian it means “Sixty”. The Sessanta tour is aptly named when Puscifer, A Perfect Circle, and Primus came together to celebrate Maynard James Keena’s 60th birthday. on April 6th the stop was in Atlantic City Hard Rock Live. This tour is one of a kind - with no headliners, bands playing one after another in repeats and the bands who are not playing chilling on the stage while others are performing. Not only that, there are unusual things happening on stage like - Les Claypool handing over a cupcake to a kid on the first row, A ping pong match happening on stage while Puscifer performing, Maynard and Carina Round using Stairlifts to go up and down on stage. The 3 hours are complete entertainment with some great music from the 3 great genre-blending bands. The whole set was divided into 3 acts with an intermission after the 2 nd act. The intermission itself is something to look for - with old Maynard on the screens dozing off. In the 3 acts Puscifer, Primus and A Perfect Circle come and play around 3 songs each and take turns. Some of the hits from the setlists are - Puscifer: “The Humbling River”, “Remedy”, A Perfect Circle: “Judith”, “The Outsider”, Primus: “Jerry Was a Race Car Driver”, “My Name is Mud”. In the final act after the 3rd act, all the band members started collaborating and in the final songs literally everyone was on stage. Mr. Claypool was wearing a Pig mask and playing Whamola. The 3 hours was a celebration on stage with some finest music. We highly recommend to see the “Three-Headed Monster” live while the Sessanta tour in travelling different cities. A big shoutout to the management, publicist, and venue for the successful execution of the show.
By Shuvam DasGupta
April 7, 2024
Puscider, A Perfect Circle, Primus on stage together

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