It is really hard to put into words the experience of witnessing one of the most influential bands of the present time perform. Tool is touring North America and on November 16th the stop was in Philly. Wells Fargo Center was completely packed - there was heavy traffic outside of the venue because of the show. Tool has fans who literally worship them and that is reflected throughout the show. The night started with the opening act Steel Beans - A solo act of Singer, Drummer, and guitarist Jeremy DeBrandi. He has a unique persona that is absolutely funny and entertaining. His song went viral on Instagram and that made him an internet sensation. He himself sang, played guitar on one hand, and played drums on the other. His setlist consisted of his most popular song “Molotov Cocktail Lounge” and others. At 8:35 Danny Carey came on stage and inaugurated the night with “Fear Inoculm”. Eventually, Adam Jones came with his guitar and Justin Chancellor came with his base. Finally, Maynard James Keenan with his new avatar of white mohawk took the back of the stage as he always does. This is one of the key points in Tool’s shows where the vocalist does not take center stage but always takes almost the left and right back of the stage almost in the dark. Though 4 of them are maestros on their own, I do feel Daney Carey if the so-called “frontman” of the band because the rhyme and percussion are what set Tool apart from any other band. The rhythm even has influences from Indian classical music. Another aspect of their performance is they never deviate much from the original song and perform to its perfection. The stage setup was not super complex but with the visuals in the background and lights it created a perfect ambiance for the songs. The setlist consisted of songs like - “Jambi”, “The Grudge”, “Forty-Six & 2” and “Pneuma”. If you are a tool fan and even if you are not please catch them live as they resume the tour next year during January and February. Finally a special thanks to the Publicist, Organizers, and Management for helping us witness their amazing show. 

By Shuvam DasGupta
Nov 19, 2023
Steel beans

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