Soulfly, the iconic heavy metal band led by legendary Max Cavalera is on their massive North America tour celebrating their new album “Totem”. The tour started in Arizona and will end in Arizona. It is touching almost all the major cities on the West and East coast. The main USP of the tour is to maintain the “Underground” essence in all the stops where they are performing. On February 16th the stop was the Baltimore Sound Stage accompanied by - Scissorfist, Bound by the Grave, Half Heard Voices, and Bodybox.   
The night started early at 6:30 with Baltimore’s local Scissorfist. The 5 song set was heavy enough to set the tone for the night. Next up it was Bound by the grave - another local band from Baltimore. The 4 member death metal band did not disappoint the metalheads even though the night was young. The third act was half Heard Voices who are touring with Soulfly since the beginning of the tour and Baltimore was their last stop. The Progressive Metalcore band has a unique sound which is a blend of heaviness with technicality. The band have spontaneity in their performance without a setlist and the energy was contagious to the audience. Around 8:30 Bodybox took the stage - right before Soulfly. Those who do not know about Bodybox, should check out their video on Hate5Six’s YouTube channel. They are what an Underground Deathcore band should be. The 30 min set can be described in just one word - “Brutal”. The energy of the band is unmatched and they literally demolished the stage.
After Bodybox the audience was ready for what was coming next. Soulfly took the stage accompanied by Mike DeLeon on the guitar who is touring with them. Max Cavalera, like a true legend, was dominating the center stage and we could see the members from the previously performed bands in the crowd to witness him perform. I have to mention Mike Leon and Mike DeLeon while talking about Soulfly - two of them are some characters and it was a treat to see them perform. Zyon Cavalera is a true flag-bearer of his family legacy - his drumming was spot on. The 1.5 hours set consisted of songs like - “Back to Primitive”, “Prophecy”, “Filth Upon Filth”, “Ritual”, “Refuse/ Resist” and finally for the encore “Jumpdafuckup”. There was a big mosh pit in the middle of the venue and the floor was shaking with the foot thumping.
It was the Metalest night possible in Baltimore. Soulfly is not even done with half of the tour. So to experience this madness, do catch them in the city near you. Finally a shoutout to the tour management, Nuclear Blast Records, and Baltimore Soundstage for organizing the great show.   

By Shuvam DasGupta
February 18, 2023
Half heard voices
Bound by the grave

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