Fit for a King and The Devil Wears Prada is on the “Metalcore Dropouts” North America tour accompanied by Counterparts and Landmvrks. The show started in mid-September had a stop in Philly on Oct 3 and we were present there to experience it.
The night started with Landmvrks all the way from France. The band blends Metalcore with Nu metal and has elements of rap with their music. It was a perfect start for the night and the setlist consisted of their famous tracks like - “Lost in a Wave”, “Death”, “Self Made Black Hole”. Next up on stage, was Counterparts from Canada. The band, especially the lead singer Brendan Murphy literally communicated with the audience to make sure they were having the best time. The melodic hardcore band performed some of their best numbers - “Love Me’, “Whispers of Your Death”, and “The Disconnect”. 
The stage was set for The Devil Wears Prada and the crowd went crazy as they stepped on the stage. Each one of the bands is a packet of energy and it was contagious to the audience. The band performed songs like - “Salt”, “Broken” and “Chemical”. Finally Fit for a King came on stage for the final act of the night. The act was phenomenal with each of the band members performing their hears out. Special mention for Ryan “Truck” O’Leary - he constantly jumped and spun the guitar with the strap. The band’s performance consisted of some biggest hits like - “When Everything Means Nothing”, “Vendetta”, and “Breaking the Mirror”.
The tour is still happening until October 19, so we suggest to catch these 4 bands live. I am sure the Philly fans went home charged after the show. Finally a shoutout to the management, publicists, and organizers of the show. 
By Shuvam DasGupta
Oct 7, 2023
Fit for a King
The Devil Wears Prada

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