The night of March 20 at the Windcreek Creek Event Center in PA was the celebration of Industrial Music with some of the pioneers of the genre. Mistry one of the biggest names of the genre is touring with Gary Numan, a legend of the UK new wave and Canadian Electro Industrial dup Front Line Assembly. We caught them live last year as well in Philly and it was an amazing night. March 20th was not at all disappointing for the crowd of the almost sold-out venue. 
It started with Front Line Assembly at 7 PM with a futuristic ambiance. The duo - Bill Leeb on the vocals and Rhys Fulber on the keyboards along with Matthew Setzer on the guitar and Jon Siren on the drums gave a perfect start to the night. The setlist consisted of songs like - “Millennium”, “Killing Grounds”, and “I.E.D”.  Next up was Gary Numan - one of the British legends of the New Wave who experimented with different genres of music. Numan has almost a cult following and you can tell from the crowd who were cheering for him.  Numan’s presence on stage was enigmatic and not only him but his bandmates controlled the stage and the energy transcended to the fans. The setlist consisted of hits like - “My Name is Ruin”, “Metal”, and the anthem “Cars”. Finally, at 9:30 the stage was ready for the final act - Ministry. The thing that caught everyone’s eye was Al Jourgensen’s mic stand and I guess his new hairstyle as well. They came on stage with a roar from the crowd and dominated the stage for the next 90 minutes. Al on the vocals, Monte Pittman and Cesar Soto on the guitar, John Bechdel on the keyboards, Paul D’Amour on the Bass, and Roy Mayorga on the drums - each one of them a great performer on their own and together they know what the crowd exactly wants. With some stunning visuals on the back screen, the band performed some of their major hits - “Jesus Built My Hotrod”, “Goddamn White Trash”, “N.W.O” and finally “Ricky’s Hand” along with Gary Numan.
It was a great show and I highly suggest catching them live for one of their upcoming shows. Kudos to the management, organizers, publicists, and the venue for the successful execution of the show.
By Shuvam DasGupta
March 25, 2024
Gary Numan
Front Line Assembly

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