It’s always a pleasure to shoot at the historic Franklin Music Hall ( formerly The Electric Factory) and tonight was no different. It was a night filled with hard, churning, bluesy riffs and a lineup with two iconic alternative bands of the 80s/90s
Kicking off the night was the electric Red Fang. With a style that combines punk, stoner rock, and tremendous riffs to create a fun and exciting sound that brought energy to the excited crowd of the music hall. Red Fang have been in the scene for well over a decade now and are continuing to prove their staying power
Next up was the legendary Dinosaur Jr. The iconic alternative band manages to combine the dark heavy sound of Black Sabbath with the grungey elements of Nirvana and the Hardcore attack of bands in the line of Fugazi. Frontman J Mascis maintains his laid-back yet caring demeanor while on stage and singing, and his guitar work is still impeccable, able to pull a quick riff or solo when need be. The rhythm section of Dinosaur Jr. deserves their flowers too, bassist Lou Barlow and drummer Murph carry the weight of filling out the heavy yet energetic sound the band is known for. 
Finally was the headliner, Clutch. Another band with heavy hardcore influences, Clutch combines bluesy rock and roll with the speed and energy of punk and hardcore. Theatric frontman Neil Fallon projects his voice over the audience and is able to get them moving and jumping when he wants them to. Guitarist Tim Sult helps to drive the band forward with his fast but heavy grooves. A band that combines the down to earthness and spirit of Americana and combines it with the energy and Mythos of rock and roll, Clutch delivered a masterful performance.​​​​​​​
All in all, it was an exciting night and an even more exciting night for fans of great guitar work. Big thank you to everyone who helped make this possible at the Franklin Music Hall, thank you to the bands, and thank you to the Undertone.
By Nick Tovo
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June 25, 2023
Dinosaur Jr.

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