Baltimore Soundstage is an iconic venue in the heart of the legendary inner harbor. Today it was home to Disturbin’ The Peace, a multi-day hardcore festival featuring 10 bands on this night alone, it was a stage-divers paradise.
Kicking it off was a pair of young, hungry, and heavy bands. Beginning with Gasket who set the crowd ablaze with deep frantic screams and riffs that had the crowd bouncing off each. Backlash followed their assault with one of their own as they unleashed DC hardcore onto the masses. They were one with the crowd, literally as the vocalist jumped into the pit and joined the audience. It was a beautifully wild start to the aptly named Disturbing The Peace. 
The following three bands featured two Chicago groups, Kharma and Buggin, with the Richmond VA hailing Naysayer. The first of this trio to hit the stage was Kharma. Bringing the sound of their hometown Chicago, they unleashed a brutal mix of breakdowns, rhymes, and two-step callouts that had the crowd slamming wall to wall. Naysayer followed and showed love to the true spirit of hardcore and the legends of the game. Spitting hard-hitting lyrics and slamming drums, Naysayer is Hardcore tried and true. Rounding off the first half of the evening was Buggin. Led by the mighty Bryanna Bennett, they hit the stage with pure energy they amped the crowd up in a way that only Chicago can. It was loud and violent with fight-worthy songs to Kick Rocks too.
Opening the section half of the evening was the angry yet wise Section H8. Slamming riffs and bass knock the doors off the venue the background to the powerful yelling and spitting through the mic brought by the vocalist Mexi. However, he still found time to speak and connect with the crowd. Up next were the rising stars of Baltimore Hardcore, Jive Bomb. An act that is truly on fire, they brought a mix of chaos and energy that you could feel in the merch section. It was a relentless onslaught of pure punk hardcore via Baltimore. Kat Madeira's vocals led the charge as Jive Bomb pummeled The SOundstage. Anyone who was not aware of Jive bomb most definitely is now.
Following the explosive performances, were two legendary NYHC bands, Outburst and H2O. Both of these veteran bands delivered classic sets. Outburst played hard and fast as vocalist Brian Donohue maintained total control over the crowd of Baltimore. It was a set that was truly special and they continue to carry on the historic and forever-evolving legend of NYHC. H2O also played a set ridden with classics as well as some amazing covers like Fugazi’s Waiting Room as well as a cover from fellow iconic New York band Madball. It was also a joyous occasion as drummer Max Morse celebrated his 21st birthday. They brought out a cake, he blew the candles out, and they continued on with their embodiment of hardcore with their disciplined and moral lyrics and riffs that inspire hope. 
And finally on stage was End It. It’s safe to say they lived up to their namesake and shut the place down with a raucous final set of their legendary brutal brand of Baltimore hardcore. Featuring the lead singer's mom sitting at a table on the edge of the stage, End It let out a full barrage of riffs, Snares, bass lines, and chaotically commanding vocals, End It showed what Baltimore hardcore is all about.
Overall, disturbin the peace day 1 was a massive success and a true embodiment of the spirit of hardcore. Bands coming from all over the country, young and old, veterans, and fresh faces all came together for a night of community, love, beatdowns, and amazing music.
By Nick Tovo
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January 29, 2024
section h8
Jive Bomb
end it

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