In the heart of Philadelphia's art district, Scowl, the American hardcore punk band from Santa Cruz, California, headlined a fierce night of hardcore punk at the iconic Philadelphia Underground Arts. Opening acts Big Laugh, Militarie Gun, and  MSPAINT set the stage with their high-energy performances.
Philadelphia Underground Arts is known for intimate and immersive experiences for concertgoers. The dimly lit, gritty atmosphere and the walls adorned with street art set the stage for a night of rebellious music. The venue's capacity allowed for a close connection between the band and the audience, creating an electric atmosphere. Scowl's Kat Moss led the charge, joined by guitarists Malachi Greene and Mikey Bifolco, bassist Bailey Lupo, and drummer Cole Gilbert. Their setlist, featuring tracks like "Bloodhound," "Fuck Around," and "Shot Down," ignited mosh pits and crowd surfing. Scowl's performance was an unapologetic display of punk spirit, forging a powerful connection with the crowd. Fans even joined them on stage, blurring the line between the band and the audience. 
The night left the room charged with an unmatchable energy, solidifying its place in Philadelphia's underground music scene.
By Solmaira Valerio
Oct 2, 2023
Militaire Gun

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