PhilaMOCA is an amazing underground venue in northern Philadelphia that is home to year-round concerts and events that help pump life into the Philadelphia scene. The night of June 14 was a night for Louisville death metal, PA hardcore, and “America’s most hated boy band” Omerta, from Texas
First up was Moral Code - a band that blends elements of hardcore, punk, and Emo all together to create a sound with real feelings and meaning behind it. They had what felt like a personal connection with the crowd and did an amazing job of raising the energy in the room and helping to set the atmosphere for the rest of the night. Taking the stage afterward was a band that is a true product of Pennsylvania hardcore - Gloves Off. With a heavy and raging two-guitar attack, Gloves Off brings the energy and violence that make hardcore music so great. Playing mostly songs off of their recent album “Life… And Everything After” they took the positive energy built up by moral code and turned it into a ball of screaming anger that still found a way to remain positive in rage.
Up next was Gates to hell, a Louisville death metal outfit signed to the up-and-coming "Maggot Stomp" Records. Sharing the same label as rising death metal bands like Bodybox and Snuffed on Sight, Gates to Hell brought a deeper and more brutal sound than the other bands on tonight’s lineup, It was a set highlighted by hard-hitting riffs and deep growing vocals sent from the depths and dropped on the masses. Playing songs from their debut self-titled album released this last year, Gates of Hell are a highly welcomed "new face" on the scene. 
Finally was the headliner, "America's most hated boy band" - Omerta. Although they refer to themselves as a Boyband, they quickly shed that image with a literal kick to the chest of those in front of the stage. From then on it was pummeling hardcore and metal mixed with elements of rapping. It’s a sound that’s reminiscent of nu-metal era bands such as Slipknot or Deftones but with deep and dark growls that rival those of their lineup mates Gates To Hell. Omerta is a fast-paced and heavy hitting 5 piece attack that controls the audience and creates chaos in the crowd. The lead singer and guitarist swapping places for a song, constant callouts to come closer or to get moving, and tossing the mic into the crowd for them to fight over after the final song are just some elements that made the energy electric. 
It was a night of raw power and energy at PhilaMOCA on June 14th and was an amazing example of the thriving underground scene that resides in Philadelphia. Major thanks to all of the bands and the venue that made this possible.
By Nick Tovo
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June 19, 2023
Moral Code

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