California-based punk rock bands Strung Out, accompanied by Mercy Music and Adolescents packed Philadelphia’s Underground Venue this past Friday night. Kicking off the lineup was Mercy Music, a trio from Las Vegas Nevada. All known for their high energy, pop punk sound, the group energized the crowd with songs from their latest album release ‘What You Stand to Lose.’ This included hard-hitting tracks such as “Suddenly”, “Love You Need You” and “Found Out I’m Useless.” 
Next on the bill were punk rock legends The Adolescents. Frontman Tony Reflex greeted the crowd, and dove right into favorite album tracks such as “Ameoba,” “Self-Destruct” and “Rip It Up,” among many others. The audience packed in front, dancing, and headbanging to the riffs until the close of their set. 
Finally, Strung Out closed out the night. Coming fresh off their latest release, “Dead Rebellion”, the four band members took over the stage, packing a punch with riffs from new tracks such as “Cages”, “Empire Down”, and “Future Ghosts.” Overall, all three bands formed an unforgettable show for punk rock fans across the city. 
By Angel Park
June 22, 2024
Strung Out
Mercy Music

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