One of the legendary Canadian punk Rock bands Sum 41 is on their final tour that started in North America, then spreading across Europe, and then back to North America again to wrap up at the end of this year. We were at the Philly show at the Mann on May 18. The Interrupters joined them on this tour to take the show to another level. 
The show started with Pennsylvania’s very own  Hip Hop Due Joey Valence and Brae. Though it was raining, they could take control of the open air stage. The audience was on their toes for the whole set and they basically set the tone for the night. When Interrupters took the stage it was still daylight. The Band’s energy is another level. Aimee is a ray of light with laughter and the whole vibe of her is something that the fans love. Binova brother’s energy was at another level. Their setlist consisted of songs like - “Take Back the Power”, “Gave You Everything”, “She’s Kerosene” and even covers of Bob Marley, Boyz II Men, and Billie Eilish covers. They ended on a high note with Kevin and Justin’s jump. Finally, it was what everyone was waiting for - Sum 41. The band just proved every point of why they are such an iconic name for the punk genre. Deryck on Vocals, Dave on the lead Guitar, Jason on Bass, Tom on Rhythm Guitar, and Frank on the Drums - the fans were literally witnessing history as they will probably not be able to see them perform together again. They even performed songs from their latest album - “Heaven :x: Hell”. But they made sure to perform their biggest hits like - “In Too Deep”, “Fat Lip”, “Still Waiting”, and “The Hell Song”. There were balloons everywhere and constant flows of crowd surfers and moshing. The fans just enjoyed their heart out and so did the band.
Overall it was an absolutely amazing show and we highly recommend not to miss the opportunity to see them live for the final time. Kudos to the management, publicist, venue, and everyone who made this tour a grand success.  
By Shuvam DasGupta
June 2, 2024
Sum 41
The Interrupters
Joey Valance & Brae

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